Border Child

For Héctor and Lilia, pursuit of the American Dream became every parent’s worst fear when their infant daughter vanished as they crossed from Mexico to the United States—now they must try to get her back. With great empathy and a keen awareness of current events, Michel Stone delivers a novel of surpassing sensitivity and heart.

Praise for Border Child:

Stone captures the rich textured voices of her characters on both sides of the border due to her boundless understanding of that most universal emotion— love. Unafraid to ask the hard questions, Border Child explores complex family dynamics with great imagination, insight, and empathy.
— Tayari Jones, NYT bestselling author of An American Marriage
Michel Stone has written a deeply moving tale that delivers a hefty emotional punch. Border Child is a compassionate, beautiful novel.
— Ron Rash, author of Serena
Border Child is an important and timely must-read! Michel Stone writes with confident authority about the heart wrenching experiences of a young Mexican couple desperately seeking their child lost at the border. As the reader journeys with them a deeper, meaningful appreciation of their culture, decisions and humanity takes root in our heart. Border Child is a cross-cultural tour de force.
— Mary Alice Monroe, author of A Lowcountry Wedding
At a time when Mexican immigrants are being demonized or turned into nothing more than statistics, Michel Stone offers us a heartbreaking and profound story about the realities of the immigrant experience and the price that a family pays for a shot at the American Dream. Raw, painful, and illuminating, Stone delves deep into the humanity of her characters to reveal the true human cost of immigration.
— Reyna Grande, author of The Distance Between Us